You are welcome to our online platform, everything here is designed to leave you blessed and yearning for a deeper fellowship with Jesus.

Fellowship in The Abba House translates into a well lived life, the exhale of the word of his power creates a mega impact on the hearers.

There is only one section in the church; the doer section, thus you have a part to play. God gave me a word for you but faith comes by hearing and manifestation comes by doing, take the word you read, listen and watch on this platform to the next level, be a doer! Be blessed!

Attending a church that feeds you the Word of God is essential to your spiritual growth and development. When you connect with the ministry God has directed you to, you'll be equipped with the spiritual tools you need to succeed in life, and develop as a Christian...

Do you have a servant's heart? Do you desire to make a difference in the lives of others? If so, the outreach department at ABBA House invites you to join us as we embark on a mission to change lives. When you connect with ABBA House ministries, you become a vessel God uses to revitalize your community and transform the world. Your efforts support local and global endeavors, which enable people to receive the Word of God and experience the love of God. We encourage you to unite with us today. Search your heart, and seek God's direction for the ministry where your gifts and talents will be best utilized.